60 Best Ankle Tattoos to Inspire Your Next Ink in 2022

The best ankle tattoos have a few qualities that make them stand out from the average tattoo. color, composition, and placement are essential and can take a basic idea to a whole new level. A good artist is also essential as his skill is what will make your tattoo a piece that you will love for the rest of your life. remember to research and take your time. anything permanent like a tattoo needs to be carefully considered and researched so you’ll be happy with it for the rest of your life.

60 awesome ankle tattoos to inspire you

Best Ankle Tattoos for Men

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Ankle tattoos are one of the most popular locations for a tattoo. while the area may be sensitive to some people, it is very easy to hide. this means that in professional settings, you can easily wear a long sock and pants to keep your tattoo away from unfriendly eyes. Ankle tattoos are also an easy place for you to spot them, unlike a back tattoo. Even though there is less space, you can still create an amazing tattoo that you will love for the rest of your life. be sure to let your artist know you’re firm on the placement and want help creating the best tattoo possible.

1. small gray wings that sprout from the ankle

Small Gray Wings Sprouting From Ankle

This cool tattoo references Hermes from Greek mythology. in many surviving depictions, he had winged shoes or wings growing directly from his ankles. this tattoo can mean that you are as fast as the ancient messenger of the gods.

2. two indented lines and dots

Two Indented Lines and Dots

This is a cool minimalist design that is sure to appeal to anyone who prefers simpler tattoos. the lines surround the ankle and two triangles point towards each other. a line of points that decrease in size leads to the foot. Simple tattoos like these can pack a lot of visual punch.

3. small simple anchor placed near the tendon

Small Simple Anchor Placed Near Tendon

This is a very simple nautical tattoo. an anchor like this can be to show interest in navigation or the sea. it can also be to keep you from drifting like a real anchor. placing it far back like this example allows you to easily hide it.

4. matching thick and thin lines

Matching Thick and Thin Lines

A simple tattoo like this can be a great tattoo idea for a partner or a friend. Matching tattoos can be risky if a relationship goes sour later on, but a simple tattoo is a bit easier to maintain as it is not a matching tattoo design. matching a thick line and think gives it a bit more visual interest.

5. black palm tree growing from the ankle

Black Palm Tree Growing From Ankle

This is a great tattoo if you love the tropics or grew up in an area with lots of palm trees. It can be a great way to commemorate a vacation or a favorite memory. don’t be afraid of even a seemingly ordinary design if it has any meaning to you.

6. matching black and red lines

Matching Black and Red Lines

This is a cool idea that isn’t identical but is similar enough that you know you’re meant to be seen together. the lines have different thicknesses, as well as colors. the heart also shows that it is an intimate and romantic relationship.

7. detailed wings coming out of the ankles

Detailed Wings Coming from the Ankles

This is similar to the first tattoo on the list, but much more detailed. the feathers rise, reaching for the sky. the swirls coming out of the base almost look like a bird, but could still be a reference to the greek god hermes.

8. colored flowers and patterned bands

Colorful Flowers and Patterned Bands

This beautiful tattoo looks a lot like a fancy anklet. It includes flowers and patterned bands that help add interest to the tattoo. you can easily use your favorite flowers for your tattoo or show the artist the patterns you like to use for your unique tattoo.

9. stylized wing in deep blacks

Stylized Wing In Deep Blacks

This simple tattoo uses bold black to complement a strong design. the point that forms the wing also resembles the shape of a musical note. You can use a bold and simplistic design to make a basic tattoo idea more unique. just make sure your artist can lay down a solid patch of black.

10. small pineapple outline on the tendon

Small Pineapple Outline on Tendon

A small pineapple like this is easily recognizable even without color or a lot of added detail. this idea can be carried over to other designs that you might enjoy. look for simple lines on your sample art to show your artist and make sure what you get is easy to recognize. you don’t want to have to explain what your tattoo is to everyone who sees it.

11. little oasis scene in a circle

Tiny Oasis Scene in a Circle

This is a nice way to display a small landscape design in a small area. the oasis is clear by the palm trees and the sand around the water. feel free to use a similar landscape you enjoy or even a scene from your favorite medium.

12. bold black bands around the ankle

Bold Black Bands Circling Ankle

This is a bold look if you’re not too worried about people seeing your tattoo in everyday life. the bold black is distinctive and will catch the eye of anyone who sees it. feel free to place your tattoo on the ankle and leg to get the effect you want.

13. delicate swirls of black rising leg

Delicate Swirls of Black Rising Leg

This beautiful tattoo is reminiscent of ink dripping into water. the swirls of light that darken as you descend make it seem like black is rising from your feet. is a wonderful idea that can be done with color if you prefer.

14. band of trees fading into mist

Band of Trees Fading in Fog

This tattoo looks like a foggy forest scene. the pine trees fade quickly as they recede, making you feel like you’re looking at some early-morning wilderness.

15. diamonds and crosses band

Band of Diamonds and Crosses

This eye-catching tattoo is created from black patterns and forming diamonds and small crosses or more white symbols on it. it looks like a traditional tile pattern with a black fade and becoming less dense on top. if you like certain patterns, don’t be afraid to use them for your tattoo.

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16. palm trees and ocean in a diamond

Palm Trees and Ocean in a Diamond

This is a beautiful snapshot of the ocean, with palm trees showing a tropical location. the sun sets over the sea, casting shadows on the palm trees. the palm trees also come out of the frame, giving the whole tattoo a better sense of depth. you can use color if you want, but this tattoo doesn’t need it.

17. flower bands around each ankle

Bands of Flowers Around Each Ankle

This is a great way to match your legs without having two identical tattoos. you can use your favorite colors or flowers to make your own tattoo, or use a traditional pattern that you like. this is a very flexible idea, so feel free to customize it.

18. little hand holding up two fingers

Tiny Hand Holding Up Two Fingers

This is a very delicate tattoo of a hand showing the peace sign. A gesture like this is a good tattoo, just make sure your tattoo artist is good with their hands. hands are very difficult to draw and you don’t want a mistake in a tattoo.

19. black band fading down

Black Band That Fades Downward

This is a good minimalist tattoo if you want something very simple. the deepest black is at the top and fades as you go down. You need a fairly thick band for this idea, but you could make it thicker for a more gradual fade effect.

20. small cross on the back of the ankle

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Tiny Cross on the Back of the Ankle

This small tattoo is very easy to miss thanks to the size and placement. it’s a good way to have a statement of your beliefs about your body without it being too obvious. just remember that thin tattoos can fade quickly.

21. solid and broken black bands

Solid and Broken Up Black Bands

This is an interesting way to do a similar tattoo on each leg. a solid black band is on one ankle and the other is divided by blocks within two lines. You can mix and match this idea to create your unique tattoo by changing the designs you use.

22. intricate colored wing on the ankle

Colorful Intricate Wing on Ankle

This is a tattoo with a lot of details and color. the dark outer wing feathers are set against a colorful background for lots of visual interest. some of the details make it look like a mix of metal and organic pieces. this makes for an interesting take on a wing tattoo.

23. pine forest and leafless tree

Pine Forest and Leafless Tree

This band shows a pine forest with a leafless tree in the center. it’s a lovely way to show a scene. you can easily do this with color or other details to make it your own. just remember that a dark tattoo like this takes more time and can hurt more given the location.

24. bands of various motifs and draped beads

Bands of Several Patterns and Draping Beads

This is a beautiful tattoo made of stacked pattern rings with beaded strand details underneath. the strand adds a feminine touch and helps lighten a very dark tattoo. feel free to use your favorite patterns instead.

25. arrowhead with mountains at sunset

Arrowhead with Mountains at Sunset

This is a cool tattoo with a sunset mountain scene inside an arrowhead. the arrowhead is surrounded by a red outline to help it stand out from the skin. this could be a great way to show off a favorite location using something you found there in the past.

26. multi-pattern band in black

Band Made of Multiple Patterns in Black

This tattoo continues the examples of tattoos that consist of patterns. could easily go with any pattern you like that goes well together. feel free to look at fabrics and patchwork for pattern ideas you can use. just make sure you know the source of the pattern so you don’t get something you don’t understand.

27. arrowhead moon and mountains

Moon and Mountains in an Arrowhead

This is similar to the previous tattoo, but the arrowhead is on top of an arrow and comes out of a red wound. the scene at the arrowhead is mountains at night with a moon hanging in the sky. this is a good way to change the basic tattoo.

28. arrowhead attached to a feather

Arrowhead Attached to a Feather

This tattoo looks like a feather tattoo at first, but it has a stone arrowhead attached to the tip. the careful detail on the arrowhead even shows how carefully the projectile point was carved into the stone. a detail like this can make a tattoo shine.

29. turtle made of patterns

Turtle Made Up of Patterns

This cool turtle is created from various patterns. you can easily create a similar tattoo by changing the pattern or using colors. a good idea would be to use the colors of the specific turtle you want. An intricate tattoo like this is great to admire because you have so much to appreciate.

30. simple wings attached to a foot

Simple Wings Attached to a Foot

This tattoo is a good example of honoring the myth of Hermes. implies that you want to move as fast as the god while running. if you are an athlete or you compete in running, this can be a great tattoo idea for you.

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Best Ankle Tattoos for Women

31. mountains and moon linework

Line Work of Mountains and Moon

This is a nice minimalist landscape tattoo. a mountain range is seen, with a small crescent moon hanging over it. you could use a soft color to help fill in a tattoo like this, or just leave it black to make it quicker and less painful.

32. multicolored lowercase vertical letters and cross

Tiny Vertical Multicolored Letters and Cross

This is a cute idea for a basic text tattoo. this particular tattoo is of the phrase thanking god in spanish. you could do a similar text in a language you speak, or stick with English.

33. black band with patterns above and below

Black Band with Patterns Above and Below

This interesting tattoo features a thick black band with added details around it. you can use any shape or pattern you like to achieve a similar look. since it looks like one of the images from an adult coloring book, feel free to use color too.

34. stem of a single delicate rose at the back of the ankle

Single Delicate Rose Stem on Back of Ankle

This is a very cute tattoo that is easily hidden. the clear, delicate lines reflect the softness of the petals and make the tattoo less obvious to anyone who isn’t looking for it. you could use any flower you like for a similar tattoo.

35. hummingbird with sprig of flowers and leaves

Hummingbird with Sprig of Flowers and Leaves

The composition of this tattoo is amazing. the round curve of the flower bouquet matches the curve of the hummingbird’s body to give the design a softer look. the delicate flowers and lines give it a feel much like a watercolor painting.

36. draped lines of patterns on feet and ankles

Draping Lines of Patterns on Feet and Ankles

This beautiful tattoo resembles both jewelry and traditional decoration such as henna. the different patterns provide visual interest, while the draping lines of beads help draw the eye down and along with the art. this is a perfect tattoo if you love to wear sandals.

37. small map of the world

Tiny Map of the World

This is a nice map made of fine lines with a compass rose and a small airplane. If you love to travel, this is your tattoo. you can easily add a light color to make it feel more like an old map or leave it blank. another fun idea would be to add color or other details to show where you’ve been.

38. band formed by flower petals

Band Made Up of Flower Petals

This interesting tattoo uses lines of flower petals to create an image. a band of blank skin separates the halves of the tattoo. this is a great way to extend your tattoo and help it cover more space. feel free to use any pattern you like for a similar tattoo.

39. fine chain made of leaves and flowers

Thin Chain Made of Leaves and Flowers<

This is a nice idea if you want something small and simple. most of the tattoo consists of branches with leaves and then a small patch of blue flowers. you could easily change the flowers or greenery to your favorites. you can also use ivy for a similar effect.

40. small sailboat in the sea

Tiny Sailboat on the Sea

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This is a nice take on a nautical tattoo. a small sailboat is seen on the ocean as puffy clouds roll by. It looks a lot like a child’s drawing. soft colors make it look like something out of a children’s book.

41. branch full of detailed leaves

Branch Full of Detailed Leaves

This cool tattoo shows a small branch full of carefully detailed and shaded leaves. you could use any plant you like as inspiration for a similar piece. if you want something symbolic, many types of vegetation have meanings in the language of flowers.

42. tiny branch of a plant

Tiny Branch of a Plant

This is a small and minimalist tattoo that represents a plant. soft shading gives it a nice feel. you could use any plant you like as a reference. remember that small details will easily fade and become hazy over time. always ask how your tattoo will age when planning one.

43. band showing the sunrise over the mountains

Band Showing Sunrise Over Mountains

This is a great way to do a landscape tattoo. one band shows the sun’s rays appearing behind a mountain range. If you love this type of terrain, this could be a cool idea for a tattoo. feel free to use any kind of scenario you like.

44. flower bands and trim

Bands of Flowers and Edging

These cool tattoos look like a pair of anklets. the black background highlights the flowers and games of the golden border. You could easily turn a piece of jewelry that you can’t easily wear into a tattoo design. It’s a great way to appreciate a family heirloom without risking it being damaged or lost.

45. incomplete trees at the back of the ankle

Sketchy Trees On Back of Ankle

This cool tattoo is located on the Achilles tendon at the back of the ankle. the long lines of the trees follow the shape of this part of the body very well. the style is reminiscent of watercolor or ink painting.

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46. multiple types of flowers on the ankle and foot

Multiple Types of Flowers on Ankle and Foot

This cool tattoo combines many types of flowers to make a unique tattoo. you can use whatever flowers you want. These could be your favorite flowers, flowers from a bouquet you received, or even selected for their meaning. don’t be afraid to use these ideas as a springboard for your creativity.

47. small line with leaves and flowers

Tiny Line with Leaves and Flower

This tattoo consists of a single line with leaves and a flower. this makes it appear as if a very long flower stem is wrapped around her ankle. feel free to change the flower style or use a different type.

48. anchor surrounded by red and blue

Anchor Surrounded by Red and Blue

This cool take on a nautical tattoo uses an anchor as its base. swirls of red and blue make it look like the anchor is sinking to the bottom of the sea. Anchors are a classic tattoo theme, and using a background can make the tattoo more unique.

49. intricate patterns on the ankle and foot

Intricate Patterns Over Ankle and Foot

This intricate tattoo runs from the shin to the foot. the bold lines and numerous details make it a great piece. using dangling pieces like crystals makes the tattoo feel like a piece of jewelry.

50. single tiny feather on ankle

Single Tiny Feather on Ankle

This cool tattoo is a single small feather on the back of the ankle. the location would hide it with lots of shoes and most socks so it would be easy to hide. A small quill like this could become a quill for a writer or resemble the quill of a favorite bird.

51. blooming lotus flower and lines

Blooming Lotus Flower and Lines

This is a simple tattoo of a lotus flower with some lines. the flower and the lines follow the curves of the ankle. matching the direction of the lines to the natural curves of the body can help a tattoo blend in more easily.

52. single tulip stem with leaves

Single Tulip Stem with Leaves

This beautiful tattoo is a single cut tulip with the leaves still attached. This is a good idea for a basic tattoo if you want something simple. If you have visited the Netherlands or are from the Netherlands, this may be a great idea for you.

53. roses with moon and stars

Roses with a Moon and Stars

This is a beautiful romantic tattoo. two blooming roses and greenery stand in front of a crescent moon and bright stars. you can easily change the flowers to your favorites or add color to the moon or sky.

54. colored compass rose on the ankle

Colorful Compass Rose on Ankle

This is a great tattoo for anyone who loves to travel or be outdoors. the compass rose has a blue background to give it more visual appeal. feel free to change the colors or style to suit your taste.

55. rose tattoo in multiple styles

Rose Tattoo in Multiple Styles

This is a good idea if you can’t decide on a style for your tattoo. an inner triangle shows the rose in color, and outside of it, the rose is depicted in different styles. You can use this concept with just about any subject matter you like, so talk to your artist about it and be sure to bring references.

56. single line and branch tattoo

Single Line and Branch Tattoo

This is a simple tattoo of a branch with a line that looks like the profile of a face drawn in a single line. this is a good idea if you like minimalism. be sure to ask your artist if she can do the entire tattoo as one line.

57. girl holding a balloon

Little Girl Holding a Balloon

This cute tattoo depicts a girl holding a red heart balloon seen from behind. this looks a lot like the art you see on cards or in storybooks. you could use a design like this as a base for your tattoo, or go with an idea similar to this.

58. heart cut red maple leaf

Red Maple Leaf with Heart Cut-out

This is a cute tattoo of a red maple leaf with a small heart pierced. Since maple leaves like this are the symbol of Canada, this could be a great tattoo for any Canadian who has moved to show that she loves and misses her home country. you could do something similar if you leave your home country.

59. small butterfly with touches of color

Small Butterfly with Splashes of Color

This cute tattoo shows a butterfly in flight. the color looks a lot like watercolor dripping and floating away from the butterfly. going with a basic shape full of similar effects makes for a lovely tattoo.

60. colorful sunflower on the back of the ankle

Colorful Sunflower on Back of Ankle

This is a very well rendered floral tattoo of a sunflower. If this is your favorite flower, this could be a good tattoo for you. Don’t be afraid to use a favorite piece of art as a reference for your tattoo.

60 wonderful ankle tattoos that everyone will admire

As you can see, you can go in many directions with a simple ankle tattoo. change the location and theme to make a unique tattoo that you are sure to love. just remember that the area is sensitive, particularly the bone. ask your artist for her expert opinion if you are concerned about pain. your artist will be happy to help you avoid the need to stop your tattoo due to pain. The ankle is still a good place to get tattooed, and definitely one of the easiest to reach to keep clean while it heals. For more ideas, check out our mosaic tattoos!

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