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Are you looking for an amazing broken clock tattoo? So here we bring you a list of the best broken clock tattoos that you will love.

Broken clock tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos in the world.

Broken clock tattoos often represent many things. however, they are mostly seen as a symbol of freedom from the shackles of rigid schedules.

Clock tattoos primarily mean that you want to seize and live every moment. Now, if we think about what a broken clock tattoo means, then in addition to freedom, they also mean passing from a past that haunts you or the moment of birth or death of a person can be indicated with the time that is shows on the clock. . the pure nature of broken watches can also mean different things. A clock tattoo without hands means ignoring the passage of time or losing track of time. the nature of broken grandfather clocks is different from normal or hourglasses and therefore the meanings of tattoo images also change. read on to know more about them. Get inspired by the tattoo styles and images below and paint your favorites.

broken clock with rose tattoo

Clock tattoos go quite well with other design elements, like roses. The meaning of a clock and rose tattoo can be a moment of love or a passage of time full of love. however, when you add a broken watch instead of a working one, the meaning can change. for example, you are free from loving emotions, time cannot bind your feelings of love.

The image above shows a tattoo of a broken clock with three roses and the image below is a forearm tattoo of a broken clock with two roses and a compass. A compass associated with your broken watch tattoo designs can symbolize the wish for good luck and direction.

change the designs to your liking for your next flowery tattoo with rose tattoo designs, or change the designs of the broken clock itself.

broken clock with lion tattoo

lion tattoos represent strength, courage and loyalty. Lion designs are one of the other elements that work extremely well with both regular and broken clock tattoos. When you incorporate the lion into a broken clock tattoo design, it can be meaningful and uplifting. it can mean that you don’t wait for the passage of time or don’t feel the importance of time to do a brave or loyal act, but that you live your life that way always.

Both in the image above show torn tattoos surrounding a lions eye. it’s quite evident how good the combination of these two tattoos looks.

Men mainly choose these tattoos. you can change the layout to something else and add more elements to it if you want. you can change the position of the broken clock from the lion’s eyes to all around its head or make changes in some other way.

broken clock and bird tattoo

the main meaning of bird tattoos and broken clock tattoos is the same. both represent a sense of freedom. that is why a combination of these two tattoos can be a great idea. Broken clocks with flying bird tattoos can mean that you can now fly freely because you have found freedom from the bonds of time. it can also mean that time is flying.

You can get a broken clock and bird tattoo with some words of wisdom written around it like in the image above which clarifies the meaning of your tattoo art a bit more. You can also get a shoulder and chest tattoo of a simple broken clock and birds like the image below which will leave the meaning open for interpretation.

Change the basic tattoo designs to your liking. add more words or leave out what you want to create your perfect broken clock with bird tattoo designs.

broken clock with skull tattoo

Skull tattoos, in general, are significant in a negative and positive way, in both senses. they represent our very existence, life and death, new beginnings. Broken clocks along with skull tattoos are a common sight and symbolize the cycle of human life and freedom from the fear of death. it could mean that you are free from the fear that time passes and continues towards death.

The image above shows a color image of a broken watch on the forehead of a skull. the image below is of a broken clock right on top of a skull.

You can change the skull or broken clock design to whatever styles you like. whatever the design, we can assure you that they will look modern and cool.

broken grandfather clock tattoo

Grandfather clock tattoos often represent someone’s ties to the past. A vintage or antique clock reminds us of a time gone by and these clock tattoos also mean the same thing. A broken grandfather clock tattoo can mean that you have severed your link to a passage of time that is in the past.

The image above is of a broken grandfather clock with no hour, minute and second hands. With mist all around it, the design creates stunning tattoo art. The image below is of a traditional American broken grandfather clock tattoo style with bold lines and colors.

Mandalas and realistic designs go well with grandfather clock tattoos. you can also add some other elements to the tattoo art to make it more elegant.

melted clock tattoo

There is not much difference between broken clock tattoos and melted clocks. The most popular design of a melting clock can be seen in the painting, ‘The Persistence of Memory’ drawn by the famous Spanish artist Salvador Dalí. Just like painting, melting clock tattoos primarily represent a delusional form of time. we are too bound by time and if you feel that everything is an illusion and you live your life freely, then this tattoo is perfect for you.

The image above shows a color tattoo of an altered version of the painting “The Persistence of Memory”. you can also paint simple yet scary melting clock tattoo designs like the one shown in the image below.

Get your own favorite altered and modified version of Salvador Dalí’s famous painting or a simple one with abstract designs and more.

broken pocket watch tattoo

Pocket watch tattoos are more of a style statement or whimsical choice for watch tattoos. they do not have any different symbolism than regular clock tattoos. Just like other broken watch tattoos, broken pocket watch tattoos also represent freedom from the bonds of time, without placing too much importance on the flow of time.

you can include other elements in the design such as a rose like the image above or other flowers. You can also go for a simple yet modern watercolor design like the one in the image below.

include a few words that describe your passion for something or some words of wisdom. Modify the basic broken pocket watch tattoo design to make it the best. These tattoos look good on all women and men. you can add some date to it to mark the date of birth or death of a person close to you.

broken hourglass tattoo

Hourglass tattoos represent the cycle of human life, more precisely the life and death of humans. we are tied to a routine and our existence depends on the loop of living the monotonous day-to-day life as the sand in the hourglass keeps running and the hourglass keeps turning. therefore, broken hourglass tattoos represent the end of the fear of death and the monotonous cycle of life, a free way of life. is the symbolism of living your life free from fear.

The image above shows an arm tattoo of a broken hourglass and writing which certainly enhances the symbolism of the tattoo. The image below is of a realistic arm tattoo design of a broken hourglass tattoo that captures the true beauty and meaning behind the tattoo.

choose your favorite hourglass design, include other mandalas and abstract designs to increase its beauty and ink it to show off the tattoo.

broken eye clock tattoo

One of the most famous clock and broken clock tattoo designs is where people incorporate eye designs with them. The two tattoo styles may not have many common meanings, but the combination of the two can be extremely meaningful. eye tattoos represent loved ones, god, guidance and protection. the meaning of the combination of these two tattoos is up to the individual as to how they want to express themselves.

You can get a simple broken eye tattoo design like the one in the image above. You can also choose a tattoo of a broken eye clock with a candle as a memory of a loved one like the image below.

eye clock designs can be surreal. Change the eye or broken clock design as you wish to create tattoos that help you stand out from the crowd.

broken timeless clock tattoo

Timeless clock or infinity clock tattoo designs are usually clocks without hands that spiral in an endless loop. this endless loop and no hands represent the user’s contempt for the endless life cycle and the user’s belief in the perpetuity of certain values. broken infinity clocks symbolize release from the endless cycle.

The image above is of a timeless classic clock half sleeve tattoo design and the image below shows an infinity clock sleeve tattoo with some other designs to enhance its beauty.

These tattoos are largely associated with eye tattoos. the designs look great. you can also include other designs to make it perfect for your next broken timeless clock tattoos.

Broken clock tattoos look good on women, men and everyone. You already know the meaning of the broken clock tattoo and the many types of broken clock tattoos that you can get from the information and images above. here are some more suggestions you can follow –

  1. includes flowers and roman numerals to make the tattoos cooler.
  2. broken digital clock tattoos can give your tattoo a more precise sense of time. digital watches are also more related to modern technology, so they can be trendy too.
  3. get to work drawing your broken clock tattoo and let your tattoo artist do the magic.

    If you like these tattoo suggestions, check out the death tattoo and the tree of life tattoo.

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