9 Best & Hilarious Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tattoos

Tattoo lovers love designs that are symbolic and have poignant messages associated with the design represented by them. but there is a small section of tattoo lovers who adored tattoo sketch design, which instantly makes them smile. this type of tattoo design even shows that the person loves light humorous images and he himself also possesses these inhibited qualities.

Among these designs, mickey and minnie mouse tattoo designs are the ones that fascinate people and even look beautiful when designed by men and women on their body parts. minnie is the girlfriend of the hollywood star, the mascot of disney mickey and the images of her differ from other tattoo designs.

the best and elegant mickey and minnie mouse tattoos:

let’s take a little trip and take a look at the top 9 different types of mickey and minnie tattoo designs.

1. mickey and minnie mouse tattoo design:

This is one of the amazing and impressive tattoo images depicted on the belly area and depicting the love for these two beloved cartoon characters. the image is represented in the puzzle of one part for each person, this can be solved or easy to understand when they are put together or placed side by side.

2. mickey and minnie mouse rainbow tattoo design:

what could be more sensual and admirable than this image carved on the hands of the tattoo lover? In the image a radiant rainbow is designed and between the famous Disney character Mickey and Minnie’s head is drawn in black. this stunning color combination adds up to add more looks, the white wavy strokes on the rainbow edges and head look captivating and add a more enhanced look to the wearer’s hand.

3. imaginative mickey and minnie mouse tattoo design:

There are some tattoo lovers who love images that are excluded from the normal ones and are designed in such a way that they look realistic and impressive as well. Here, two people, one on the ankle and the other on the hand, design the two world-famous faces of Mickey and Minnie on a pumpkin to convey to the world that they love each other as they do. vibrant colors enhance the look of the image in many folds.

4. mickey and minnie mouse infinity tattoo design:

When someone gets into a relationship, they want to stay together for endless years and keep trying to nurture their relationship. The temporary tattoo on the foot is also trying to represent the same in which, along with the infinity symbols, minnie’s head is carved to look fantastic and give a minimalist look to the wearer’s feet.

5. sensational mickey and minnie mouse tattoo design:

It is always said that you must keep expressing your love over and over again in any way so that the other person is aware of it. what could be a better and stupendous way than to kiss your beloved, a beautiful way to represent your love and emotions. here in the image when mickey and minnie are kissing there is a spark that adds more appearance to the design.

6. simple mickey and minnie mouse tattoo design:

Some tattoo lovers appreciate designing an image that is small in size and doesn’t look too flashy and suits their personality well. They are the ones who love simple design because they believe in simplicity and don’t want too much from the sketch. This is a perfect tattoo design for kids where Mickey and Minnie’s head is outlined to form silhouettes. the cute red bow and the way both heads are crossed add more charm to the design and an easy way to communicate that the wearer is a big fan of these famous characters.

7. mickey and minnie mouse tattoo design in black ink:

mickey and minnie are famous disney characters and they are greatly appreciated and adored by people. These sizzling characters added sparkle and millions of people became huge fans of these fictional cartoon characters and started tattooing their image on their body parts. This image is a simple tattoo image of mickey and minnie head inked in black but it gives an admirable look to the feet of the lady. When tattooed, this image shows that the user, like everyone else, is also a member of the mickey and minnie fan club and communicates the same by representing the tattoo on the feet.

8. naughty mickey and minnie mouse tattoo design:

while mickey and minnie are still doing some activity that easily makes you smile and eventually you break out laughing. but before carrying out such actions, alarming or mischievous looks can be seen in their eyes, the same ones that are outlined in the tattoo. Here both characters are dressed in different outfits and the way Mickey holds on to Minnie looks great. the hands in their pockets reflect the cool attitude and the tail of both reflects the true love they have for each other.

9. hilarious mickey and minnie mouse tattoo design:

It is always being seen that in couples in general, men for love make their lover sit on their backs to represent that they are very strong and can carry them. but here minnie is doing some exercises and on her back mickey is sitting, looking at this instantly brings a wide smile to your face and once again you fall in love with these two sensational characters. the color range adds a more enhanced look to the image.


Images of mickey and minnie are often depicted together and also look sensational and tempting. These tattoos can be inked anywhere on the body that the wearer desires. Tattoo images are found in many styles and designs and you can choose the one that most appeals to you and even enhances your personality as well as helping you make a style statement, appear fashionable in front of your loved ones.

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