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Kentrell Desire Gaulden, popularly known as Youngboy NBA or Youngboy Never Broken Again, is an American singer, rapper, and songwriter. Between 2015 and 2017, Youngboy released a few mixtapes that became a local hit and gained him a following. In 2017, he signed with Atlantic Records and released two new mixtapes containing his single “Outside Today”, which peaked at number 31 on the US Billboard Hot 100. He released his debut studio album in 2018, Until Death Calls My Name. In 2019, his mixtape Ai Youngboy 2 was released, which topped the Billboard 200. His song, along with fellow rapper Juice Wrld called “Bandit” peaked at number 10 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

YoungBoy NBA

1. ‘jania’ tattoo

YoungBoy NBA jania tattoo

YoungBoy NBA jania letters tattoo

Tattoo: Kentrell’s forehead, just above his left eyebrow, contains a tattoo of the name, Jamia. To the left of her eye are four more letters tattooed vertically.

Meaning: He and his then-girlfriend, Jamia, got these matching tattoos. Jamia got her name, Kentrell, tattooed above her eyebrow.

2. mom and jania tattoos

YoungBoy NBA mom jania tattoo

YoungBoy NBA mom jania tattoo 1

tattoo: the upper part of her right wrist has a tattoo of the word “mom” tattooed on it. the name, jamia is again, tattooed on his right hand, just below the word, mom.

meaning: young got the word, mom tattooed to show her love for her mother, sherhonda gaulden. She got her name, Jania, tattooed to show her affection for her then-girlfriend.

3. heart tattoo

YoungBoy NBA heart tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of a small heart done in black ink next to his right eye. there is another word tattooed on the right side of his forehead, above his other eyebrow.

4. wolf, clouds and buildings tattoo

YoungBoy NBA lion clouds tattoo

tattoo: the upper part of his right arm, above his elbow contains a large tattoo of the face of a wolf. the upper side of his right forearm contains a large cloud design, along with a building on the inner side. the inner part of his right forearm contains tattoos of different buildings. there is also a small tattoo of the sun, near his elbow. the entire forearm represents the scene of a city. these complete his right sleeve.

meaning: young man has the wolf on his body because he thinks his personality matches that of a wolf, as it is a symbol of strength and courage. The city’s setting is the setting for Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which is the singer’s hometown. he put it on his body to demonstrate how his city gave him everything and has not forgotten his roots.

5. poem and destiny tattoo

YoungBoy NBA poem fate tattoo

tattoo: the lower part of his right forearm contains a tattoo of a poem tattooed on it. The young man’s right shoulder contains a tattoo of the word “fate” along with a small heart below the word with stars on either side of the heart.

Meaning: Young believes in destiny and believes that everything happens for a reason. he is thankful for everything he has achieved so far and thus got “fate” tattooed on his body.

6. man tattoo

YoungBoy NBA man tattoo

Tattoo: The left side of his neck contains a tattoo of a man with his hands cupped in front of his mouth as if whispering something into the young man’s left ear.

7. design tattoo

YoungBoy NBA design tattoo

tattoo: the right side of the young nba’s neck contains a design made with the letters “h and l”.

meaning: the initials may be a reference to a friend since none of his family members have their names with those letters.

8. 38 tattoo

YoungBoy NBA 38 tattoo

tattoo: the front of his neck, on his throat contains a tattoo of the number 38.

meaning: the number is written as a reference to his song, 38 baby.

9. allah tattoo

tattoo: the singer’s left shoulder contains a tattoo of ‘allah’ in Arabic. allah means god in arabic.

10. royce tattoo

tattoo: the young man’s right shoulder contains a tattoo of an old rolls royce car.

11. bop tattoo

tattoo: the lower part of his left forearm contains the word “bop” tattooed vertically.

12. nba and concert tattoo

YoungBoy NBA NBA concert tattoo

tattoo: the singer’s belly contains two tattoos. The upper part of her stomach contains a tattoo of the letters, NBA tattooed along with the silhouette of a man in the dunk pose as well as the Jordan logo but he is holding a gun and pointing upwards. below is a tattoo of someone performing on stage at a concert with the crowd cheering them on.

meaning: the nba stands for never broke again, which is the name youngboy gave himself. the silhouette together with the letters, nba is considered the youngboy logo and is presented as such. The concert tattoo on his lower stomach is a tattoo of himself performing on stage.

13. tattoos for men and women

YoungBoy NBA man woman tattoo

tattoo: the singer’s chest contains a tattoo of a man and a woman. His left pectoral contains a tattoo of a woman’s portrait, while his right pectoral contains a portrait of a man wearing a hat.

meaning: the tattoos are the portraits of their parents. The woman on the left is a young Sherhonda Gaulden and the one on the left is her father. her father is rarely mentioned as he was raised by his maternal grandmother and his mother as his father was sentenced to 55 years in prison when he was young.

14. word tattoos

YoungBoy NBA words tattoo

tattoo: the inner part of his left forearm contains tattoos of different words together. these include the number 33, chip, homer, the initials kk, and kd.

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