85 Striking Pirate Ship Tattoo Designs – Bonding with Masters of the Seas

The mere mention of a pirate ship strikes fear into the hearts of most sailors. These ships have always been associated with terrorist groups, whose main interest is to kidnap or rob sailors. But then, the pirate ship design can be put to great use, especially by those who specialize in tattoo art. Getting a pirate ship tattoo is a creative way to go old school. and the timeless design used in the boats makes it one of the best choices in modern society. It is a versatile tattoo that is more common among men. it has a deeper meaning and can be used by almost anyone.

Getting a tattoo on a pirate ship is an important step, especially for lovers of the sea and those curious about the mysteries surrounding pirate ships. however, you should first learn a few basics before you sit down to get inked. The main purpose of this article is to provide you with information about tattooing. this includes the historical background, the popular design variations available, and the meanings of the tattoo. When you have that information, it will be much easier for you to choose the tattoo that best suits you.


historical background

piracy has been practiced since the invention of the first ships. This act of robbery and criminal violence began way back in 1400 BC. In the golden age of piracy, these sea and coastal thieves used different types of ships to perfect their criminal acts. and it is these ships that inspired many to start wearing the pirate ship tattoo.

Back then, tattoos were just a thing for sailors. but then, things have taken a new turn. It is not uncommon to sport this tattoo on the streets or on some celebrities in the modern world. it has become a flexible but unique symbol that can be used by anyone with no restrictions.

meaning of pirate ship tattoos

People get a pirate ship tattoo for many different reasons. most likely you have your own reason for getting this tattoo inked. however, it would be nice to know the reasons that make other people do it. Next, we will see some of the most popular meanings of this tattoo. in case you find the one that impresses you the most, feel free to try it out and spread its message to the world.

The symbolism of this tattoo is associated with sailors and their way of life. Pirates were often known to be tough and quite dangerous in most cases. they were known to be tough criminals who could not give up even in rough seas. and they reached the end of their journey, despite the confusion.

It’s that toughness that inspires most people to get this tattoo. represents someone who is tough, one who cannot admit defeat regardless of the situation. the tattoo can act as a warning message informing others of the bearer’s ability to achieve anything, even in the face of adversity. Despite being a symbol of intimidation, the tattoo can also work to encourage the wearer.

and considering the fact that pirates were tough by nature, this tattoo can be used to represent a person with an unflinching attitude. such an attitude can be positive or negative. only the details in the tattoo will be able to determine the real attitude of that person. a tattooed person on a pirate ship may do so to represent courage and determination.

pirate ships often sported a flag. when raised, the flag meant that the pirates were not ready to surrender. therefore, a tattooed pirate ship sporting a raised flag could mean that the wearer is not afraid of anything. represents someone who does not give up easily in matters related to personal life. Some people show their adventurous passion through this tattoo. those people are those who find the stories surrounding pirate ships fascinating. the tattoo is also symbolic for a liberal person.

As you can see, pirate ship inkers do it for many different purposes. Although the tattoo is often associated with criminals, it does have some positive meanings. that explains why practically everyone uses it.

design variations

what design do you have in mind? if there aren’t any, feel free to join me as I describe some of the popular designs that have taken the tattoo industry by storm.

ship with pirate on board: this design represents the image of a pirate ship with pirates on board. this tattoo symbol represents someone with ultra high courage. you may decide to include drawn swords and incorporate waves to represent the roughness of the sea. this simply means that the wearer is ready for anything that may come their way.

traditional pirate ship: this is a perfect option for those who do not want many details. the symbol includes the image of a pirate ship with the flag raised. waves, light or rough can be included. this tattoo design has a basic general meaning.

Old school pirate ship: This is one of the most impressive tattoos. shows the image of a pirate ship widely used by sailors and fishermen. the symbol can be made more detailed by incorporating an anchor or compass. this tattoo design is symbolic of an adventurous life.

commemorative tattoos: in case you lose someone at sea, this tattoo will be a great option for you. it is especially meant to commemorate those who lost their lives in a capsized ship. the details of this tattoo symbol may vary from one to another.

The different designs of pirate ship tattoo symbols do not end there. there are other cool designs to choose from like the wrecked ship, the ship with a sword, and more. just browse the web and you’ll be sure to find them.

A pirate ship tattoo is a great choice despite all the negatives associated with piracy. This tattoo symbol can be used to portray many different positive meanings related to the wearer or other people. has some cool and unique design variations that you might want to try. just make sure you get the right tattoo artist who does it right.

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