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Fancy something fun, playful and perfect for animal lovers? Lots of people will love and enjoy sloth tattoo designs! The meaning of a sloth tattoo is also unique, which is why you will enjoy this article and many different sloth tattoos! These are perfect for teens, men, and women, so explore the sloth tattoo options below.

what does a sloth tattoo mean?

Sloth tattoos can mean many things, and different tattoo designs will suit you if you want to get something unique and universal as well as fun on your upper body. a sloth tattoo will say that you are unique and that your outlook on life is different from anyone else’s! If this sounds like you, why not get something from our recommended list?

what does a lazy spirit animal mean?

A sloth tattoo will symbolize relaxation, grounding, and patience. It will also represent conservation and collect wisdom from different aspects of life. Are you a person who has gone through some important discoveries in his life? Do you feel that your road has been rough and bumpy? if so, you can experiment with some unique symbols to suit you and your personality.

small sloth tattoos on the forearm tattoo

Afraid of the needle? you should go for this simpler and smaller tattoo. This sloth is perfect for women who want something feminine and fun at the same time. You can decorate this tattoo with flowers if you want something that represents your personality.

giant sloth manga ink tattoo

Are you a fan of bigger tattoos? this sloth looks amazing as a sleeve tattoo. it will take you 6 to 7 hours to achieve this colorful piece. Not all tattoo artists will give you this amazing tattoo, so make sure you find an amazing shop that knows how to do detailed pieces.

cute black and white sloth tattoo

A forearm or shoulder tattoo will look great on people who have masculine arm tattoos. if you love black ink and simpler tattoos then this one is perfect for you. this sloth will symbolize your inner piece, as well as the way you see life and how much you appreciate it, as well as all its simplicity.

sloth tattoo small colorful tattoo on the forearm

This sloth tattoo on the forearm is perfect for youngsters as well as men and women who love the color blue. You must get this design if you believe in faith, good luck, and bright, happy endings!

colorful and playful sloth tattoo

Are you interested in some fun tattoos but with a splash of color? your tattoo artist should be able to do detailed ink. You will love this tattoo if you are still young at heart and if you prefer hip hop inspired tattoos! You can also show your love and appreciation for different music with this ink!

flower inspired sloth tattoo for women

This is the perfect sloth for women! Similar tattoos and colorful tattoo designs will suit you if you like girly tattoos. this symbolizes your true self, your powerful yet feminine side, as well as the willingness to grow and learn as well as explore!

sloth tattoo simple cute black tattoo

Afraid of larger tattoo designs? You will enjoy this lazy tattoo if you are a fan of smaller tattoos that don’t hurt. This ink tattoo will take you 2-3 hours. It’s the perfect foot piece, and it will look great on everyone!

colorful sloth hanging ink tattoo

are you in the mood for something crazy? this tattoo will suit anyone who likes color. colorful tattoos and this ink tattoo takes a lot of time so be prepared before you book your session! It will take the tattoo artist 5-6 hours to give you a similar design.

cute sloth tattoo on wrist placement

If you’re scared of a needle and want a little sloth tattoo, get this design! this sloth hanging over your forearm will look amazing if you want to show off your unique side. You are probably a strong and powerful person who is afraid of his origin, so why not show it off through your sloth tattoo?

giant sloth tattoo shoulder piece

Men who work out will enjoy this sloth tattoo. it’s a larger piece that will look great on your shoulders or biceps. however, this sloth requires a lot of time. you need to invest more than 5 hours if you want to get this sloth. Bright sloths generally symbolize faith, happiness, and optimism!

small sloth tattoo in black ink

This black sloth tattoo is perfect for people who like understated art. this sloth will represent your realistic side. It will also let others know that you are a simple person and that you love new challenges!

large piece of unique sloth tattoo

This colorful forearm sloth is a must for people who love color. sloths like this will show off your childish side which you probably have, even to this day! If you like the motto of live slow and die always, place this little sloth on your arm or forearm.

cute little sloth tattoo designs

This little sloth is a cute sloth and is the perfect tattoo for women! Anyone who is a fan of colorful ink and brighter tattoos should choose this as her tattoo. It will let others know that you are upbeat, playful, open, and interested in parties and good times!

big scary sloth tattoos

This sloth is scary and unique and will suit men who prefer larger tattoos. this tattoo also shows you that sloths can be scary, evil, dramatic and authentic! This sloth will look great on your legs as well as working out guys!

baby sloth tattoo design on shoulder

This little sloth on your bicep is cute and playful. is the perfect sloth for guys who are proud of their muscles. it will represent you as a brave person, someone who is full of courage, as well as sweet and soft on the inside!

colorful sloth tattoo live slow die every time tattoo

A hanging sloth is one of the most common tattoos. this one is unique, cute and colorful. if you are a fan of funky art and you know an amazing tattoo artist, choose this one!

small bright ink sloth tattoo

Last but not least, why not hug a little sloth who’s literally sick of everything? sloths can look cute and funny at the same time. This sloth will let others know that you are brave, funny and silly + that you like to enjoy life! similar sloths are perfect for men and women.

having said all that

Did you have fun navigating between these different sloths? which sloth tattoo was your favorite? you will enjoy at least one sloth of these 17 unique designs. They are perfect for men and women as well as anyone who is trying to show off their colourful, unique, playful and fun sloth ink tattoo!

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