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Tattoos mean something different to everyone. Even if you have the same tattoo as someone else, the meaning behind the tattoo could be very different.

The same goes for tarot cards, whose deep and powerful meanings are interpreted differently depending on who is reading the card.

Their deep meanings and powerful imagery make tarot card tattoos a great addition to your body art.

At the end of the day, you’re going to wear that permanent piece with pride. you have the power to show it to the world or keep it to yourself.

In the deck of tarot cards, did you know that a woman walking on a lion represents strength? it means that you have the courage to overcome any obstacle that comes your way. The justice tarot card shows your objectivity in any situation.

tarot cards have a unique individual meaning for the person who draws them. their simple meanings are meaningful and can change the wave you are riding. nothing is set in stone and tarot tattoos can remind you of that every day.

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Tarot card tattoos also come in many beautiful forms. simple or complex designs are a reminder of the beauty that comes with this life. you can have any design with your tattoo due to the endless design possibilities.

Whether you’re a veteran of the tattoo world or new and still thinking of your next one, read on for 25 tattoo ideas based on tarot cards.

1. the star tarot card tattoo

meaning: hope, faith, purpose, renewal and spirituality.

It’s about your connection to the otherworldly. Get this tattoo if you need a little more fantasy in your life. if you need a reminder to always have faith, this is the perfect signature for you.

2. the silly tarot card tattoo

meaning: new beginnings and have faith in the future.

The fool is inexperienced and always up for an adventure. he has beginner’s luck, the ability to improvise and believes in the universe. perfect for anyone who wants to take a little luck with them.

3. the lovers tarot card tattoo

meaning: relationships

Whether following lust or love, lovers will show you the direction your romantic life will take you. usually shown with two bodies. get this ink when you need to remember that love is the greatest thing we do. love is powerful and will guide your path.

4. strength tarot card tattoo

Meaning: It embodies the ability to remain cool and collected in times of high stress.

represents your will and power to overcome any difficulty. Sometimes we all need strength. we need to be shown that we are strong enough to overcome any difficult moment.

5. the wheel of fortune tarot card tattoo

meaning: change of life

for example, going from rich to poor or vice versa. it can also refer to items not related to money. This tattoo is perfect for anyone who wants to change the meaning of wealth in her life.

6. the chariot tarot card tattoo

meaning: conquering difficulties and conflicts, moving in the right direction.

This card refers to how only through hard work can you overcome any obstacle in life. Just like the force, the chariot tattoo will tell you where to go and give you the power to do it.

7. the magician tarot card tattoo

Meaning: Encourages one to dig deep and tap into all the potential one may be holding back.

refers to talents and abilities that may be hidden and need to be discovered to bring about positive change in one’s life. ‚ÄčIf you ever need a reminder to take risks and discover your passions, take a chance with the wizard for that.

8. the high priestess tarot card tattoo

meaning: invites reflection on oneself.

This emphasizes trusting one’s instincts to get through moments of questioning. A tattoo like this will give you the instinct to trust yourself even when you can’t.

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9. The Empress Tarot Card Tattoo

meaning: love, new businesses or the creation of a family.

shows that the only person who can captain their lifeboat is themselves. it refers to never forgetting that you have the greatest power and will to change your life. Get this tattoo when you need to be reminded that you can change your life and that only you have the power to do so.

10. death tarot card tattoo

meaning: the end of a relationship or search.

With that, death also brings a new sense of self-awareness, showing that the end is not always a bad thing. death means gaining knowledge about relationships and connections that have ended. Getting this ink means you’re okay with what may come to an end because you’ll gain more insight into the experience.

11. justice tarot card tattoo

meaning: shows that the fairest decision will be made.

The sword cuts through any bias and will not be swayed in determining the most objective result. the justice tattoo will remind the wearer that the best decisions should be the ones that are equal for all parties.

12. the sun tarot card tattoo

meaning: celebration, joy and positivity.

shows our true happiness when we are more in tune with our needs and desires. Get this tattoo if you need a little more light in your life.

13. the moon tarot card tattoo

meaning: the many possibilities of life.

There are multiple options and paths in decision making. however, your intuition will guide you in the right direction. the bearer of the moon will always remember the infinite options of life.

14. the emperor tarot card tattoo

meaning: stability and security in your life.

Get this ink to remember the discipline and self-control that got you this far in life.

15. three of cups tarot card tattoo

meaning: celebration and friendship.

This tattoo symbolizes the greatness of friendship and successful creative events. Get this tattoo to remember to enjoy life’s big and small victories.

16. The Hanged Man Tarot Card Tattoo

meaning: surrender

The hanged man represents the ultimate sacrifice, surrendering to any situation that requires it.

Each tattoo will be meaningful to the wearer and will have personal meaning to them. the beauty of a tarot tattoo will always remain.

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