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Play Super Rubiks Cube Game Online For Free, Rubik&#39S Cube

Bạn đang xem: Play Super Rubiks Cube Game Online For Free, Rubik&#39S Cube Tại Vuihecungchocopie                        

This game is published as a web application, which is embedded in the page below. When you interact with the screen via touch the screen may move. We also publish this web application as a stand alone app. PLEASE CLICK HERE to use the stand alone alone app designed for touch devices.

Đang xem: Play super rubiks cube game online for free

Game Screenshot


Game Description

This is a popular three dimensional puzzle where players try to match colors on each side of the cube. By default the player can see the left, right and top sides of the cube.


Game Technology

Almost every game in our collection was created using a game building tool named Construct. These games are rendered using JavaScript and a mobile-friendly HTML design, so they work on desktop computers, laptops like the Google Chromebook, tablets like the iPad or Amazon Kindle Fire, and mobile devices like the iPhone. You can play this game on computers powered by the Microsoft Windows operating system, the Apple OS X Mac operating system, and mobile phones like the iPhone powered by iOS or Google Android powered Samsung. Try the game in it”s own window by clicking here.

How to Play

Players can click on and drag any of the three rows or columns of the cube to rotate them and move color pieces around. In addition players can place their finger or curser outside the edge of the cube in order to rotate which sides of the cube they are viewing.

A timer appears above the game, which begins as soon as the player rotates a section of the cube.

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You may play this game embedded in the above iframe or click here to view it in a separate browser window by itself.

Your Feedback Needed!

We do not have any ads in our online game arcade and we have published hundreds of games which may not work in some browser configurations. This game should work in almost any modern web browser like Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Brave or Vivaldi. If you are having issues getting this game to work, please leave a comment below mentioning the problem and your software set up so we can investigate the issue.

Do You Have Feedback or Comments?

Please share your feedback about this game using the comment box below.

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