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Mua Sắm Ngay Tại H2 Rubik Shop Official, H2 Rubik Shop 评论2021

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(vuihecungchocopie.vn – MarketersMEDIA) H2 Rubik Shop is a reasonable one-stop shop for people who are enthusiastic about Rubik

Hanoi, Vietnam – February 7, 2020 / / — H2 Rubik Shop is a smart toy store in Hanoi. It specializes in products for Rubik products, board games, and some other intellectual toys. Proud to be a pioneer in the field, since its launch in 2012, H2 Rubik has grown and is known nationwide as the most prestigious Rubik buying address. Becoming a reliable partner of famous brands in the world such as MoYu, GAN, QiYi, DaYan, …

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Product quality is always on top priority. H2 Store commits to always trading genuine products, high quality, absolutely not for personal gain, but adversely affecting the reputation as well as the trust and experience of customers. To do this, products before handing to customers are always rigorously tested, thoroughly tested, and fully documented.

The shop offers diverse models of Rubik. H2 Rubik Shop is the distributor of world-famous brands such as MoYu, YJ, GAN, DaYan, ShengShou, YuXin, QiYi. Also, boardgame will be a considerable choice for customers to have the best moments with friends or relatives.

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The standard warranty for all products at H2 Rubik Shop is 12 months (1 year). If errors are arising from the manufacturer, you absolutely can exchange – 1 for us. Also, to support young people in the Department of Speedcubing, the shop provides free maintenance for lubrication (also known as Lube). All of the Cube is made with genuine silicone Lube or their handmade products.

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Apart from Rubik and boardgame business, H2 Rubik Shop also has self-created, self-made products. Originating from the need for unique and beautiful items of young people, showing their impression, H2 Rubik has launched Rubik (Lube) lubricant products, including FabuLube (syringe Lube), LubeTune or most recently Lube Sub-10 are enthusiastically sought after by young people. They have passed the time of research, testing, and quality comparable to the famous product lines in the world today are MaruLube, GANLube, QiYiLube, … It is not difficult to find information about these products on Rubik forum pages in Vietnam

To build a growing community of Rubik enthusiasts, H2 does not hesitate to sponsor and co-organize many Rubik competitions across the country. With the desire to create a useful playground for young people who can try and improve their skills, H2 Rubik always strives to bring together Speed Cube clubs to organize more competitions.

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About the companyFor more than seven years of operation, H2 Rubik has constantly grown to become one of the leading names in the Rubik buying market. Their goal is not only to sell intellectual toys with the best price, the best quality but also to be a user-friendly, simple purchasing experience as well as improving the quality of service.

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