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Explore The Best Ichimokuren

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Well, here's my typical advice against Onmyojiguide due to issues of level of detail and errors XD

It's been well since a year since I drew Ichimoku Ren, and he certainly had his ups and downs. Still one of my fave shikigami, so the bias will be real lol

That doesn't mean I'll ignore his cons though, and I will mention the issue of Ichimoku Ren's orb usage down below.

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I suppose you could say the requirements are typically more lax for support shikigami than attack shikigami, given the focus in early-to-mid game, despite the relative importance of their functions. Nonetheless, we like to see the best that a shikigami can offer, so I'm just putting my thoughts on more ideal situations here.

Like most supporters, Ichimoku Ren is “fine” at g5 – I kind of hesitate to endorse this though, considering the builds people might be using for him, HP/HP/HP might indeed be fine, but SPD/HP/HP or any build without crit at g5 is standing on shaky ground (i.e. you might even fail in the middle of Netherworld, much less use him to tank through skin dungeons), even if Ichimoku Ren has one of the highest HP in the game. The issue should be less pronounced in PVP due to HP scaling. So, g6 is probably still preferred, i.e. a max skilled crit Ren can basically completely block a max skilled crit Otengu or Ubume in Duel.


As a primer on shields, which are the focus of Ren's skills, the wiki's article should give some information. The wiki's information on skill interactions are not extensive but still worth knowing.

Given how the wiki only provides information, the advantages of using shields may not be immediately obvious. I'll provide an analogy: healing and shielding are both “adding HP”. Healing adds HP post-damage, shielding adds HP pre-damage, they even crit the same way. In either case, you'd think that the same amount of HP is “deducted” when units take damage and the difference is only in before and after right? Nope, that's because there are heal debuffs in Duel while shields always stay the same, so you fare better with shields against increased damage as opposed to healing. And, as might be noticed from using Jizo or Sprite, shields can block soul effects – so, control effects like those from Mimic and damage like those from Shadow cannot activate. Of course, there are always cons associated with anything, and here I'd like to point out how a lot of shields can be dispelled by Ame Onna, Sakura, etc. which defeats the purpose of their existence, but Ren's shields are here to stay, so that's not something to worry over.

XEM THÊM:  lỗi directx không xác định lol

So, wrapping up that long explainer, let's actually look at Ren's skills. Whoever translated them on the wiki was actually kind of off, and I guess noone got around to correct them, so I'll mention them here too:

Max 125% damage, absorbs 20% of target's ATK for 2 turns, debuff cannot stack.

Ren's first skill deals 125% max as expected.

It also steals 20% of the target's base ATK. While the debuff doesn't stack with Ren's attacks, it does stack with other debuffs like Seimei's normal attack. Likewise, the control effect can be resisted.

That doesn't mean you want to build Ren as an attacker – he will most likely be using all his turns creating shields, so the attack debuff only matters when you've no orbs and want to minimise the damage you'll take, or you're silenced and can't create shields, etc.

We'll interject here for a moment to note that both the second and third skills are active skills – Ichimoku Ren does not have a passive. That means the effect of Hannya, which he's released with, will impact him less, though no soul effect is still pretty brutal.

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Shields one ally for 2 turns, shield amount is max 18% of Ren's HP, deals AOE damage that is max 12% of Ren's HP when broken.

Since under PVE conditions, there is no HP scaling, the damage isn't much even if it carries additional effects. Furthermore, enemies attack at random so it's entirely possible that they attack other targets, making the usage of a turn for shielding meaningless. In realm raids the effects would be amplified but your mileage would vary based on team.

Under PVP conditions, the damage is fairly potent, but the opponent isn't blind and won't necessarily intentionally aim for that shielded shikigami, so the pressure is akin to Yao Bikuni's sigils. However, since Ichimoku Ren gives up a turn for the single shield, it is more likely for the AOE shield to be broken in the meantime as they weren't replenished and the enemy may concentrate fire elsewhere. On using the shieldbreak to damage counter teams: the damage will trigger counters too, so unless the damage is so high that it kills the opposing units (i.e. shielding Arakawa), or you used it to control everyone (i.e. Temptress), the ensuing counters do more for the enemy than what you've achieved against them.

The second skill is used on auto when one unit's HP is too low (i.e. Zashiki's skill). And Ren will continue using single shields as all units see their HP drop due to lack of AOE shield. This is the single reason why you see teams fail.

Shields all allies for 2 turns, shield amount is max 16% of Ren's HP. Shielded units +10% ATK and +15% RES.

All shikigami and the onmyoji receive shields, summoned creatures cannot be shielded. Note that the 2 turns mentioned here are 2 of the shielded shikigami's turns, and not Ren's turns. So, if Kamaitachi's passive triggers multiple times, then they will lose the shield. Along with losing the shield, the buffs also disappear.

Under auto, Ren will always use the third skill as long as there are orbs available, he isn't controlled, and there are no units at about 30% HP. This contributes to the view that he is a massive drain on orbs: typical builds use a slot 2 SPD so that Ren can re-shield everyone in a timely manner. So what appears to be 3 orb cost is actually closer to 6 in one round, since unlike healers, he will always use his skill. So, by default, Ren is used with Kaguya Hime, since she can actually supply enough orbs to fulfill his needs. (She isn't released yet in GL.)

In PVP, this is the skill to manually use. The effect resistance is much appreciated, and no-selling soul effects and, well, damage is even more appreciated. Most importantly, the shield cannot be dispelled, so you have a way out against teams with Ame Onna. Of course this is useless when Ren himself is controlled, but he doesn't have a slot to spare for resist, so it's up to other units to do prevent that situation or don't even use him lol

In PVE, the ATK buff that can stack with other buffs has a definite increase on damage, making Ren an excellent support. The fact that you “don't take damage” also comes to the forefront, for example, if enemy deals damage that is 40% of a shikigami's HP, if using a healer, your shikigami would be at 60% HP, which is approaching dangerous territory if you can't heal it back. If Ren provides a shield that is 40% of the shikigami's HP, then they're left at 100% HP, which is perfectly fine. That the shield lasts for 2 turns (even if they can't block everything) is also helpful, if Ren is taken out of commission for 2 turns, it's at least more of a safety net than a healer not being able to heal in the same situation.

Since we don't want to take damage, Ren has to maintain the shields constantly, so ideally, he always uses his 3rd skill on his turn, unless the opponent deals su
ch measly damage that Ren only has to make sure that the shields don't disappear and can actually deal normal attack damage on the side.

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So, does Ren need skill ups? Hell yes, especially for PVE. The 1st and 2nd skills, as we've witnessed, are not the core of Ren's usage. His 3rd skill must be maxed for the same reason why your attackers' 3rd skills must be maxed: the difference matters. For your attackers, their maxed 3rd skills typically nets you 20% more damage. For Ren, the shield amount of his maxed 3rd skill is 33% more HP! For PVE especially, the difference between a 12% HP shield and a 16% HP shield is 4 whole percent. A Ren at g5 has ~20k HP, 4% is 800 HP, but critting means at least 1200 HP. And damage reduction from defense has a unit take ~40% of damage, so the difference in shield amount is more like over 2400 HP. You also see why crit matters here.

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