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International Student Services, Từ Loại Sau Of

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A St. Ambrose education is infused with intentional, holistic compassion and care, providing students with the abundance of resources and confidence needed to become world-shapers in any and every field.

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About vuihecungchocopie.vn


Our remarkably supportive educational environment inspires transformational confidence, offering boundless opportunities to belong, become, and succeed.

Community Involvement


Driven by our exceptional academics, individualized support, and steadfast integrity, we equip every student for a life of tenacious growth and world-shaping success.


Our desire to uncover truth and knowledge drives everything we do on campus, in our community, and far beyond.

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Visit vuihecungchocopie.vn
Visit Campus

We”ve implemented COVID-19 protocols to keep our campus community and visitors safe. Let”s start this journey together, we”re here with you!


With 60-plus areas of study to choose from, St. Ambrose is sure to have a program for you.


Our accelerated adult program offers classes that last only 8 weeks to get your degree faster.


At vuihecungchocopie.vn, you can learn about the world and experience the world. Sam did. As an undergraduate, he took two short-term study abroad trips, then spent a semester taking classes in London. Sam graduated on time, with three majors, and so many great stories to tell. Yes, you can do it all. We'll help.

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All of our College of Business programs are fully accredited and highly respected by business and industry leaders throughout the region, many of which offer internships to our students and hire vuihecungchocopie.vn alumni. In fact, eight months prior to graduation, Alex accepted a full-time position in the Deere & Company Accounting/Financial Development Program. “The Quad Cities is an unbelievable resource for internships and full-time jobs,” he says.

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See Alex”s Story


Marceline is committed to serving, and we are, too. Our nursing program taught her to provide a higher level of care, and the spark to go a step beyond. We provide a holistic education that empowers you to achieve your goals, so you can support patients in achieving their goals, too. Personal care and compassion. It's what we, and Marceline, provide in health care.

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Our Campus

Experience our beautiful campus and also see what the surrounding area of the Quad Cities has to offer our students.

News & Events

At St. Ambrose we have a lot of ways to get involved. Here are some of the things happening on campus.

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Presidential transition begins as Sister Joan Lescinski completes 14-year term on Friday.

Read More About Amy Novak…

So, what's next?

Are you ready to take the next step? Click on the visit button below to learn more about our virtual and in-person visit options.

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