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Sisternet – Tech Savvy

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Đang xem: Sisternet

Segments are recorded in the field by a group of young, techsavvy contributors with diverse backgrounds in science and technology.
As the children with more access to computers gain more comfort in using them, the less techsavvy students get pushed aside.
Company news, community forums, product information and kayaking videos are made available on-line to techsavvy outdoor customers.
Studies have stated that coupons have become increasingly popular among a nontraditional population — those who are urban, well-to-do and techsavvy.
The plot revolved around a secret agency within the government, staffed by government agents, tech-savvy geeks, and former criminal hackers, which is tasked with solving or preventing cyber crimes.
Coghead describes its target audience as techsavvy businesspeople, and as such has tried to limit the amount of programming or design experience required to author applications in its platform.
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