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Jual Timer Rubik Murah – Jual Timer Rubik Yuxin Terbaru

Bạn đang xem: Jual Timer Rubik Murah – Jual Timer Rubik Yuxin Terbaru Tại Vuihecungchocopie                        

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csTimer is designed for speedsolving cuber. It supports scrambles of many types of puzzles include all the WCA”s official puzzle; It integrated with Xcross solver and eoline solver; It supports time statistics, multi-phase timing and several functions supported by other similar software such as: 15s” inspection defined by WCA, etc.

The timer works well on most browsers, such as: chrome(recommend), firefox, opera, IE7+. And it also works on ipad, iphone and most of the Android platform.

— Written by: Shuang Chen (cs0x7f


Timer – Support wca inspection, multi-phase timing, input through keyboard, confirm OK/+2/DNF. Accuracy is 0.001s.Scramble – Support all wca scramble. Huge number of unofficial and training scrambles, such as: edge/corner only, last layer.Statistics – Show average of 5/12 dynamically. Export statistics of current session, include best average of 5/12 etc.Tools – Support solving multi-face cross, Xcross(extended cross), EOLine. Scramble Image for NxNxN cube.


csTimer has been tested on Firefox, Chrome and Safari. And it also works pretty well on ipad(tested by oyyq).


Traditional – Press the “space” key until the font colour toggle green. The timing will start when you release the key and record the solving time when you press the key again. Pressing time – Same as stackmat, csTimer supports pressing time. You should keep the “space” key for a while before release it. WCA inspection – csTimer supports inspection time descriped in wca”s regulation. If it is enabled, the timer will be at inspection state after your starting it. Multi-phase timing – the timer supports multi-phase timing. You may set the number of phase(s), and might press space key several times. Input with keyboard – if you wanna use extern timer such as stackmat, you may input time manually. OK/+2/DNF – if this function is enabled, a confirmation dialog will popupped. You should select whether the solving(finish state) is OK, +2 or DNF. The default value might depend on the inspection time. Accuracy – the accuracy of the timer is 0.001s or 1 millisecond, and can be showed to 0.01s. Time format – You may set the time format to disable/enable “minutes” or “hours”, such as: hh:mm:ss.XX(X) or mm:ss.XX(X)”. Timer update – For some reasons, timer updating may be set to: none, seconds or real-time. Font size – For adapting monitors with different sizes, you may set the font size of the timer. Color style – There”re many color styles. Choose the one you like.

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WCA Official Scrambler – csTimer supports all wca”s official scrambler, such as: random-state scrambler of 2x2x2, 3x3x3, pyraminx, square-1, clock. Random-move scrambler of 4x4x4, 5x5x5, 6x6x6, 7x7x7, megaminx. CFOP Training – For CFOP method, special scrambles supported by csTimer are: scramble of last layer, last layer + one slot, last layer + 4 slots. Other 3x3x3 Methods – For improvement of CFOP, special scrambles supported by csTimer are: ZBLL, corners/edges of last layer, RUL generator. Roux Training – For Roux method, special scrambles supported by csTimer are: last six edge, l10p. Big Cube Training – For big cube, special scrambles supported by csTimer are: scramble of edges of 4x4x4, 5x5x5, 6x6x6, 7x7x7. 3x3x3 BLD Training – For 3x3x3 bld, special scrambles supported by csTimer are: only edges/corners scrambled. Other Puzzles – csTimer also supports a huge number of puzzles which is not wca”s puzzles.

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Multi Session – There”re 5 session(s) of time. All statistics function is session-oriented. Session average – You may find session average at the bottom of the time table. Dynamic ao5 – After solving more than 5 times, you may check your average of 5 at “ao5” column and get detail by clicking the cell. Dynamic ao12 – After solving more than 12 times, you may check your average of 12 at “ao12” column and get detail by clicking the cell. Statistics detials – Click the cell which contains session average, you”ll get the detail of current session. add comments – Click the cell which contains a solving time, you may set the time to OK/+2/DNF or comments. delete time/session – Click the index before time, You may delete the time at the same row. Or click the “X” button to remove all times in the current session.

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Keyboard Shortcut


Alt + 1

Alt + 2 ~ 7

Alt + p/m/c/s

Alt + i

Alt + d

Alt + z

Alt + up/down

Alt + left/rightt

Ctrl + 1/2/3

Scramble type to Square-1.
Scramble type to 2x2x2~7x7x7.
Scramble type to pyra/megaminx/clock/skewb.
Scramble type to input.
Remove all times in current session.
Remove the latest time.
To next/last session.

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Display last/next scramble.
The latest time is OK/+2/DNF
Virtual Cube Key Map
1 2 3 4> 5M 6M 7 8> 9
Q z” W B E L” RLw” T x Y x U Rw I R O B” P z
A y” S D D L F U” G F” H F J U K R” L D” ; y
Z Dw X M” CUw” V Lw B x” N x” MRw” , Uw . M” /Dw”


Color Schemes

Thank you for your interest in supporting csTimer!

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