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Santa Muerte tattoos are clear examples of how people have a strange obsession with death. These tattoo designs are inspired by the personification of death in Spanish culture. santa muerte translates to holy death or more affectionately called our lady of death.

Santa Muerte is a controversial figure as it is not associated with any particular religion, but rather is seen by many in the media as a new religious wave. a survey recently revealed that santa muerte is the second fastest growing “new” religion in the 21st century.

There are multiple reasons for Santa Muerte’s insane popularity, which has now hit the 20 million follower mark. Firstly, as the personification of death, she is often linked as a savior who cares for her devotees. Many people have claimed life-changing miracles for her after accepting the holy death.

We cannot verify the veracity of these claims, but one thing is certain: the holy death has been established as a challenge for the Catholic churches. the high order of the catholic churches has publicly criticized the statuette and its follower, even going so far as to call it blasphemy. however, it did not dent the popularity of our lady of death.

if you are also a devoted follower of the lady of death and want a cool tattoo dedicated to her, then you are in the right place as we have the best photo gallery of santa muerte tattoo designs collection.

Before we jump into the list, let us tell you how significant Santa Muerte tattoos are and how you can choose the design to represent the meaning that most identifies you.

meanings of the holy death tattoo

something amazing about santa muerte is that there is no religious organization or body that is spreading its message, but in fact, it is a disorganized community. this is the reason why the santa muerte tattoo can have so many meanings. some of the most popular are –

beyond: the most common theme is death and the afterlife. Santa Muerte is called the Lady of Death but unlike many other counterparts, she does not mean to harm or take the life of her devotees. Her devotees see her as a noble angel who leads her devotees on their next journey to the afterlife in peace.

Your Santa Muerte tattoo can mean the same thing if you believe in the afterlife. don’t forget to add the scythe and globe to the design. you can try this in red color as it is considered a symbol of faith over fear.

anarchism – the devotees of the holy deaths have only increased even after being publicly objectified and humiliated by the Catholic churches. Several Orthodox churches have cited devotees of Santa Muerte as an anarchist who has no affiliation with the Catholic practice of Christianity.

His followers took this criticism with open arms and many devotees got the word “anarchist” tattooed on their bodies. if you have similar thoughts, you can try the same.

anti-crime: Mexican police arrested an infamous gangster in 2001. After a thorough search of the house, police found some sculptures and a shrine to Santa Muerte. since then, many people associated the lady of death with crime and even called her the protector of criminals.

again, the devotees did not roll their eyes, but sent a clear message that crime is not associated with a single religion. you can defend this idea and show that your faith does not represent you as a criminal.

wealth: There are hundreds, if not thousands, of claims of how people became rich after building the shrine to the lady of death and praying to her daily. These claims resulted in the unimaginable popularity of Santa Muerte.

If you want to represent the same thing in your design, try a gold color for the veil.

health and prosperity: You can try a tattoo of santa muerte in a yellow veil to show that the goddess takes good care of the health and prosperity of her devotees.

Different colors can represent different themes, as green will mean justice while white will show peace.

here check out 100+ santa muerte tattoo designs that both men and women can try –

ideas for santa muerte tattoos

santa muerte tattoos for men

santa muerte tattoos for women

little santa muerte tattoos

black and white santa muerte tattoos

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Santa Muerte does not have a particular appearance since its devotees are divided on the matter. you can try and check all the different variations of it. choose what suits you best and add your own meaning to it. Which tattoo design from the photo gallery above did you like the most?

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