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Looking for a good armor of god tattoo? well end your search as we have brought you an amazing list of some of the best armor of god tattoos.

Armor of god tattoos help you express your faith in god on your darkest days.

Armor of god tattoos can be a great option for a Christian. however, he must fully understand the meaning of the tattoo before inking it.

The armor of god is mentioned in the bible verse ephesians 6:10-20, and it tells us to put on the armor to fight against the devil. The armor has 6 pieces: the belt of truth, the sandals with the gospel of peace, the helmet of salvation, the shield of faith, the breastplate of justice, and the sword of the spirit. it is said that there is a 7th piece and the last one is the prayer. putting on the whole armor of god is accepting all parts of the gospel and completely surrendering and putting all of his trust in god. all parts help in your fight against evil, so tattoo designs of all parts can be good. choose the best among our armor of god tattoo ideas and images from the list below.

Ephesians god armor tattoo

The armor of God is spoken of in Ephesians 6:10-20. It says to fight against your demons, seek help from god and put on the armor of god as it will help you. putting the verse together with the tattoo designs helps you to show your faith in the lord almighty more.

You can write the verse just below an armor of god tattoo design or on top of it. You can also get creative with it and include it somewhere in an armor of god tattoo as shown in the image above.

belt of truth tattoo

The belt of truth is the first piece of armor mentioned in the verse. it is so essential to be mentioned first because we would lose all battles with evil if we are not truthful. to be true Christians, they need to follow the truth of life. you can express your devotion to the truth with truth belt tattoo designs.

You can get a belt of truth tattoo design anywhere on your body as shown in the picture. we wear a belt on our waist so you can take a bible verse about truth and tattoo it on your waist.

justice breastplate tattoo

If we are dedicated to the truth, only then can we be just. when you are righteous in your heart, you wear the breastplate of righteousness. covers your heart and protects you in your battle against evil.

The basic breastplate of justice tattoo design can be tattooed on the chest so that the symbolism is accurate. You can also go creative and write the words on your chest, above your heart, like in the image above.

sandals with the gospel of peace tattoo

Shoes help us to walk in life in a comfortable and better way. gospel of peace help us to lead a comfortable life in the same way. When we wear the sandals with the gospel of peace, they also allow us to share that peace with others. express the peace that you have found in god with this type of tattoo designs.

You can get a tattoo of the sandals along with the other parts of the armor of god as you can see in the image. You can also choose a verse of peace from the bible and tattoo it in the form of a bible. Choose from these tattoo ideas.

shield of faith tattoo

In battle, you can’t drop your shield for a moment. In life, in the battle against demons, that shield is your faith in the Lord. the shield of faith has a cross in the middle and that is what our faith represents. that faith protects us from the attacks of evil. show your faith in the lord with shield of faith tattoo designs.

You can get a basic shield of faith tattoo like the one in the image above. You can also get a verse about faith tattooed on your arm to convey the same message of faith. get your own design from these tattoo ideas

helmet of salvation tattoo

The Christian wears the helmet of salvation from the beginning of his days. still, there is an importance of getting going in your battle against evil. if you take it off even for a moment, a stroke of evil full of doubt can hit you and you will lose the battle.

you can get a beautiful helmet of salvation tattoo like the one in the image above. You can also get a minimalist salvation tattoo with a cross or a lion included.

spirit sword tattoo

The sword of the spirit is the sixth and final piece of armor as mentioned in the verse. the sword is the ‘word of god’ because it is the ultimate truth. It helps us differentiate between good and evil, and by God’s word we can finally defeat evil.

get a spirit sword tattoo which includes some other designs to make it more beautiful like in the image above. You can also get a tattoo of just the sword. choose the best tattoo ideas according to your heart’s desires.

god full armor knight tattoo designs

A knight is known to fight for his land, his beliefs, and his lord. To fight the good fight against the devil, if you consider yourself a knight, then you will need the help of the armor of god. Get your knight in god armor tattoo designs to show that you are fighting the good fight.

You can get a realistic tattoo of a knight in the full armor of god or a simple basic one as you can see in the image above.

spiritual armor of god word design tattoo

In 2021, many simple word tattoo designs have taken the world by storm. it is a trendy way to show your love or belief in something. they certainly look great.

You can design in the shape of any of the 6 pieces of the armor of god tattoo with words, just like the one in the shape of the shield of faith that you can see in the image above. show your beliefs and your modern nature in 2021 with this new tattoo style.

religious shoulder armor tattoo

Most men get armor tattoos to express their masculinity. a particular shoulder armor tattoo speaks about the character of men. So, when you get armor of god tattoo designs on your shoulder, it can help you show the world that you are a person of faith.

It is not mandatory for only men to get shoulder pad tattoos, women can opt for them as well. You can get a beautiful armor of god tattoo on your shoulder like the one in the image above, or you can also add some designs like a lion.

Now you know about the armor of god. To remember the 7 parts of the armor of god, you can create a mnemonic for yourself. In addition to these armor of god tattoo ideas and images in the list above, you can also ink them in other ways that will look good like armor sleeve tattoo, full body armor of god tattoo, armor tattoo of god on the back, and more. look good, fashionable and like a person of faith with our tattoo designs.

If you like our armor of god tattoo, also check out mythology tattoo designs, armor tattoos and medieval tattoos.

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