Top 80 Mind-Blowing Clock Tattoos [2021 Inspiration Guide]

It has been said that time is the most valuable thing a man can spend in his life. With that in mind, it’s pretty easy to see why time measurement can have such a significant impact. When it comes to clock tattoos, there are numerous designs that any man can go with. from simplistic sundials to ultra-complex pocket watch movements.

Regardless of what catches your eye, it’s important to understand the unique ideas that watches represent. For some men, watches can be a symbol of two things: life and death. a simple explanation, however, watches can also provoke deeper thought and reflection.

For example, the hours, minutes and seconds can symbolize the perfection of time, which never stops or misses a single beat. they can remind us of things like stability or even our own living existence. however, as time goes by, you can also see them as an idea of ​​endless infinity. And while time never stands still, you can be sure of one thing: it will always catch up with you.

No matter how you disrupt these instruments of time, I’ve put together a collection of 80 clock tattoo designs for men that are sure to inspire you. from watches with delicate roses to those bounded by unbreakable steel chains. These masculine men ideas will have you thinking about your next future tattoo.

1. combined clock/eye tattoos

Gear Men



Antique Men

Rose And Clock Tattoos For Men

Eye Time Clock Tattoos For Men

Arm Small Clock Tattoo For Gentlemen

Male Exploding Clock Tattoo On Neck

Pocket Clock Tattoo For Men

Eyes are excellent subjects for tattoos for several reasons. First of all, the variety of shapes and colors in the eyes provides the opportunity for different styles and applications.

There is also something fundamentally intriguing about the human eye: the viewer is naturally drawn to these powerful images. They can also be incorporated with other elements, in this case clocks, to great effect, creating deeper meaning and creating more interesting tattoos.

2. time face tattoos

Clock Tattoo Chest Mens


Clock Tattoo Flash Men

Roman Numeral Clock Tattoo For Men

Masculine Men

Watches began as simple time-telling tools and quickly evolved into intricate works of art and technology. Before the modern digital revolution, watches were the pinnacles of engineering: the precision and complexity involved in creating accurate watches before the development of digital technology is staggering.

The attention to detail that went into these watches didn’t stop at functionality. the talent on display meant that clocks became some of the most beautiful expressions of art and creativity, specifically clock faces, and thanks to this aesthetic they became great tattoos.

3. gear tattoos

Back Old School Clock Tattoo For Men

Man With Grandfather Clock Tattoos

Forearm Click Tattoo Designs For Men

Grandfather Clock Tattoo On Leg

Clock Men

Male Clocks Tattoos

Eye Clock Tattoo For Men

Shoulder Tattoo Clock Designs Men

At the heart of these mighty timepieces are the gears, wheels and springs that enabled precision and longevity. the craftsmanship in these watches is incredible and the deeper meaning these internal mechanisms have is just as interesting.

When applied to a tattoo, revealing the gears of a clock can represent the complexity of the wearer’s emotions and psyche, all contained under the beautiful façade of the clock face. These tattoos are the embodiment of the phrase “still waters run deep”.

4. skull clock tattoos

Skull And Rose Men

Vintage Clock Tattoo For Men


Rib Cage Side Male Clock Tattoo Sleeve

Skull Old Clock Tattoo For Men

Clock Watch Men

The definitive representations of our own mortality, skulls have been common elements in tattoos for decades and still carry a lot of symbolic weight. Skulls make great tattoos thanks to the variety of styles that can make use of these designs, and when incorporated into clock tattoos they take on a special meaning.

We’re all racing against the clock, with a finite amount of time ahead of us, and a skull and clock tattoo is a great way to let the world know that you’re fully aware of your limited time on this earth.

5. abstract clock tattoos

Abstract Men

Leg Tattoos Clocks For Men

Portrait Face Men




Cool Clock Tattoos On Man


Man With Tattoo Of A Clock And Red Flowers

Art is one of the deepest aspects of humanity, and the ability to observe the outside world and recreate it in a more creative way is central to the human experience. the way abstract art can provide the means for both the creation and interpretation of complex ideas is what separates us from the animal kingdom.

Applying this artistic approach to clocks can result in beautiful art that is profoundly meaningful: one only has to look at dalí’s iconic melting clocks in the persistence of memory to see the creative potential of an abstract interpretation of clocks. watches.

6. top drawer clock tattoos

Clock Tattoo With Roses For Men

Sleeve Time Clock Tattoo Designs For Men

Shoulder Clock Tattoos Ideas Men

Clock Tattoo Ideas For Men

Clock Tattoo For Men

To be top notch is to be of the highest quality, and here are some great examples of what’s possible for clock tattoos. By using black and gray as well as colored ink, these artists can create powerful scenes that embody these clocks that have deep meaning for wearers. Thanks to the variety of meanings that people attribute to clocks and watches, and the creative potential of these designs, it means that they make great tattoos.

7. classical antiquity clock tattoos

Full Sleeve Creative Clock Tattoo Ideas For Men

Warrior Clock And Compass Tattoo For Males

Clock Gear Tattoo For Men

Clock Gear Tattoo For Men

Characters that emerged from classical Greek mythology set the standard when it comes to drama and spectacle. From Hercules and his 12 Labors to Icarus’ folly of melting wax wings, there is an incredible amount of material to draw from and infinite meaning that can be assigned to these powerful myths.

The symbolism is only deepened when clocks are incorporated into these classic designs – the finite nature of time is a powerful concept that can transform or enhance the meaning of other elements in a well-planned tattoo.

8. clocks and geography


Sundial Clock Tattoo For Men


Best Clock Tattoo Designs For Men

Melting Clock Tattoos For Men

While clocks are man’s attempt to interpret time, the work of geography and cartography is his effort to understand the physical world. Incorporating these two different disciplines into one design can create beautiful tattoos that represent the wearer’s quest for knowledge and understanding in this often chaotic world. Whether in full color or black and grey, clocks and maps are great and complementary design elements.

9. broken clock tattoos

Tattoo Clocks On Men

Manly Old Clock Tattoos For Guys

Chain Cock Tattoo For Men

Clock And Roses Tattoo For Men

Chest Rose And Clock Tattoo For Men

Clock Tattoo Design For Males

Sleeve Old Fashioned Clock Tattoo For Men

Perhaps the most symbolically powerful of all the different clocks we’ve examined, the broken clock has a deeper meaning. If watches represent man’s understanding of the finite nature of existence, then a broken watch often symbolizes the wearer’s indifference to this aspect of life. These tattoos demonstrate the way in which the user lives in the moment, valuing the experience and leaving aside the importance of measuring time.

10. pocket watch tattoos


Cool Clock Tattoos For Men

Roman Clock Tattoo For Men

Forearm Tattoos Clock Men

Broken Clock Tattoo For Men

Melting Clock Tattoo For Men



Leg Clock Tattoos For Men

Side Clock Watch Tattoo For Men

Clock Work Men

Arm Tattoos With Clocks For Men

Pocket watches were once a symbol of luxury and wealth, and were carried and displayed by bespoke gents as a form of functional jewelry. while few if any men still wear these interesting chronographs, they continue to maintain a connection to an age of luxury. Pocket watches are also great elements to incorporate into tattoos because of the opportunity they provide to add details such as lettering, elaborate shading, and decorative filigree.

11. clock and rose tattoos

Clocks Tattoo For Men

Bicep Tattoos Of Clocks For Men

Roman Numeral Clock Tattoos For Men

Clock Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Flower Men

Roses are a classic tattoo design element and artists have been painting these beautiful flowers on people’s bodies for decades, for good reason. Flowers in general have a deep meaning for many people thanks to the variety of important life events (weddings and funerals are just two) that use flowers as part of the ritual. Flowers are also powerful design elements thanks to the important role scent plays in memory: sometimes just the smell of a certain flower can transport someone through time and space.

Roses, often associated with romantic love and fidelity, work very well in tattoos thanks to the variety of colors they take on and the way a talented artist can use them as the focal point of a tattoo or simply as a decorative fill to complete a design.

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